The following prices are ESTIMATES only and are based on pets that are well-behaved with a coat in good condition:

Minimum Service Charge: $65

Maximum Weight: 100 lbs


Grooming Price Estimates:

Small(under 20 lbs)  $75-$85  

(yorkshire terrier, shih-tzu, bichon frise, toy poodle, pomeranian, westie, cairn terrier)

Medium (20 – 40 lbs) $80-$110

(miniature poodle, cocker spaniel, cockapoo, schnauzer, shetland sheepdog, springer spaniel)

Large (over 40 lbs) $95-$150

(standard poodle, doodles, golden retrievers, setters)

Mixed breed dogs are charged based on weight and coat type. 


Bath Price Estimates:

Small (under 20 lbs)  begins at $65 **

Medium (20- 40 lbs)  begins at $75 **

Large (over 40 lbs)  begins at $85 **

** add de-shed package for dogs with heavy undercoat **


Extra Services:

De-matting: add $10 per 15 minutes (heavy matting will result in a short haircut)

De-shedding Treatment: small dog add $10

              medium dog add $15

              large dog add $25

Deep Conditioning Treatment: add $5

Medicated or flea shampoo: add $5

Toothbrushing: add $5

Nail Polish: add $5

De-skunk:  add $20